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The Sparks performed at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool and were very successful there. On Friday 14 and Saturday 15 November 2003 they played at the club.

April 2005
The Sparks were forced to work with a new singer due to a serious illness from Ben the regular singer of the band. Stand-in singer Piet did his first performance in Ijsselstein and it was quite alright.
The audience was enthusiastic so the Sparks are looking forward to following performances.

October 30, 2005: Singer Ben dies...We'll all miss him.

3 December. Great performance by the new singer and the band in The Shuffle in Horst.

22 april Sixties festival. Good performance with enthusiast audience.

10 th of June 2006. A memoorable evening. The Sparks performed with the Children and wife of their former singer to remember this musician. It was a great evening and the earnings were donated to the Cancer funds.

September 2006.
The Sparks perform with their new singers. The Hermsen twins. Sons of their former singer who passed away in 2005.

For the performance in Belgium on June 2nd the Sparks were accompanied by more than 60 fans who rented a bus to go there.

2008: April: recording new CD

The new CD was released in August 2008. Some parts of songs can be heard on this website under CD's

In November 2012 the Sparks produced a new CD called "young at heart"
All the proceeds of this CD went to KIKA, the cancerfund for young people.

2014 was very succesful with great performances at the Roses festivities in Lottum and the Harmoniefestivities in Horst.

Also a beatnight with The troggs and the Tremeloes was a big success

2015 and 2016 proved to be successful as well and now we are preparing for another England tour in April 2017.

2017 was quite succesful and we hope 2018 will be as good as last year. Anyway we are looking forward to a trip to Liverpool again