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The Sparks
CD "The Sparks Vol:2"
DVD Liverpool trip
DVD remember Ben
CD Fortunate Sons
Young at heart
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The Sparks released three CD's after their restart in 1990.
The first one is called "Memories" and was released in 1993 together with two other bands.

The second and the third CD were released on "Rarity Records" and are simply called "The Sparks"and "The Sparks vol 2". These were released in 1999 and 2001 and are still available for the price of €12,00 excl. postage.

The fourth CD is called fortunate sons and can still be bought.

The latest CD "young at heart" was relased on 24th November 2012 and all the revenues go to the children's cancer fund.

Cd's released by the Sparks.

Memories Cd Memories, released in 1993.

The Sparks CD "The Sparks" released in 1999.

CD "The Sparks Vol:2" CD " the Sparks Vol. 2" released in 2001

DVD Liverpool trip A DVD has been compiled from the trip to Liverpool in November 2003. It's more an impression of t...

DVD remember Ben A DVD has been compiled with video imagers of singer Ben Hermsen and the Sparks. Images from 1978...


CD Fortunate Sons The fourth CD released by the Sparks in August 2008. Some twenty songs in typical Sparks-fashion.

Young at heart The latest CD by the Sparks. All earnings go to the KIKA (children cancer fund) Price: € 5,00